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The History

Through the E.L.P.G. a number of small rallies were held in the car park of the Congress Theatre in Eastbourne, which gave rise to the birth of the Eastbourne Historic Vehicle Club.

On the 10th April 1975 an inaugural meeting was held at the Cavalier Public House, Carlisle Road, Eastbourne. Ian Dean chaired the meeting when seventeen members present agreed upon the formation of the Eastbourne Historic Vehicle Club.

From this meeting it was decided to hold monthly meetings, which have maintained to the present day.

With Ian Dean's influence in the County Borough of Eastbourne the collectors fair/auto jumbles were held at The Winter Gardens bringing in finance for the next stage in the Club's history.

Interestingly the subscription was fixed at £2.00 per annum and it was then felt there was no need for a newsletter!

The Club through the financial assistance of the collectors/fair auto jumbles was able to investigate the holding of the Hellingly Festival of Transport.

It was thus agreed in 1976 to stage the first event at Broad Farm, Hellingly.

The first event needless to say was an instant success and has provided the foundation for the Club today.

In 1976 there were 41 members many of whom have served on the committee of the Club or as continuing members.

Membership has risen over the years to over 200 members enjoying regular newsletters, outside social events or representing the club at local rallies.

It is fitting the Club through the Hellingly Festival of Transport has been able to support many local charities and transport preservation schemes through the 'Eastbourne Historic Vehicle Club - Preservation Awards Scheme'.

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Of The Eastbourne Historic Vehicle Club

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